At TIDELINE LABRADOR RETRIEVERS, we have been building our reputation as a trusted Dog Breeder since

we bred our first Labs back in 1989.


We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all our pets. That’s why the happiest days for us are when one of our animals is adopted by a loving and welcoming family.

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Tideline Great South Bay Gatsby by Belle Montagne
Sire: GCHG CH BlackThorn Hailstorm
Dam: Belle Montagne Sophia



Tideline Great South Bay GINGER by BROADWAY'S fLASHDANCE
Sire: CH Gallivant Wellington
Dam: Broadway's Bright Star

Since 1989, Tideline Labradors has been a family-run kennel located in Suffolk County, NY, which has been breeding English show type Labrador Retrievers, owned, loved, responsibly bred and beautifully presented.  


The Labradors have been integral to our family, therefore, our dogs share the fun of living and the devoted spirit that is characteristic of the breed.  Our “First Lady”, Truffles Butterbrickle Aquarius (Truffy) was purchased by my parents as a companion for their children.  The past dogs were raised and bred by Scott’s Mom, who wanted to continue the kennel in her legacy.  Currently, the kennel consists of Gatsby and Ginger. 


All of the dogs that originated from her lines have shared that status since.  We have produced lovely puppies that are bred with the intention of improving breed standards.  All puppies are guaranteed and go to their new homes with a health certificate issued by our veterinarian


Our breeding stock is OFA and CERF certified.  Our puppies are versatile, a joy to live with, lovable, and bred to a standard that will allow the prospective owner to nurture their puppy in the manner that best fits their lifestyle whether it be that of a family pet, show dog, companion dog, or service dog.  We encourage feeding natural, quality foods, which will be so important to the development of your dog.  


Please refer to the following weblink for more specific information on the Labrador Retriever breed.   



Scott R. Steinke

Tideline Labradors